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  1. Dear Doctor Sb, I visited forum today after many months and what a treat, not one not two but three updates. Quite amazing and wonderful. Thank you Sir gee and what suspense and turns. It was like I was watching some Hollywood movie. Thank you so much and looking forward to next update at your leisure. Stay blessed. Rizjee
  2. Dr Sb, wah zabardast updates. Thank you and please take care of yourself. You are our front line soldiers in war against Corona. Allah aap ko apnay hifz o aman mein rakhey. Ameen
  3. Wah Wah Wah bohut umda kahani. Sab se achi baat ke izaat se mukaml bhi ho gaye. Thanks
  4. Dr Sb What a surprise gift. Its not a sex story anymore. Its one of the best stories on urdu literature. thanks Rizjee
  5. Excellent story. Please update regularly. Thanks
  6. Sir jee mazeed please. thanks for update.
  7. Zafar Bhai, Dr sb bhi theek keh rahey hein aur aap bhi. In today's material world when a woman's demands are not met, she does not want to have sex with her husband who in her opinion is not worth it since he is not capable of fulfilling her needs. Anyhow most mysterious thing in this world is woman.
  8. Sir, does this apply to Pakistani women, married ones? Moreover if a married woman is not allowing her own husband to have sex with her, does this mean that she is allowing someone else? Please elaborate. Thanks.
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