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  1. Well its not about Size , Its about How Many Times You Gonna Make It Rise ... Jhakkkkkaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss
  2. can i have one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz?
  3. HATH KION PAKRAY THAY? bhagnay lagyee the kia?
  4. Aik bacha apni madam say : Madam , Madam kia mere bachay ho saktay hain? Madam: Nahin beta abhi tum bohot chotay ho Ladka sath bethi huwe bachi ko kohni martay huwe MAIN TENOO KIYA SEE NA (I TOLD YOU)
  5. yeah main nay kuch is tarah suna tha "wo mangti the , Main deta na Tha Jawab us Kay Sawal ka Us nay kaha dheeray say dalna Baloon Main Phool Ghulab ka Abhi dala hi tha kay Chooot gya Hathoon say phool ghulab ka . Main bola Toon neechay kar main Daloon Tere galay main Pholoon ka har Tjhe daikh kar khara ho jata ha mera Rooom Rooom Jazbaat ka " Hope you like this version as well ... thank you for sharing.
  6. inki ak friend ki suhag raat the ... uska Jhootha subha daikh lia ha
  7. Hello ufc well I m Back .... i hope u still remeber me .... There are some great threads at UFC which were my posts this is my comeback thread http://www.urdufunclub.net/desi-pic-onlly-desi-pic/10693-i-am-back-rocking-desis-collection.html
  8. Good question .. you can have sex , till what ever time you want but be careful not to be too aggressive and also try to avoid missionary Position Try to do it in girl on top or girl on all four or wo dosri side per moun kar kay lait jaye and you enter from back ... Medically its good for pregnancy as well, as long as your wife is not feeling any pains ... consult the doctor as welll ... your wife can ask the doctor for more advise ... Good Luck ...
  9. dil ki gahriyoon say sawagat ha app ka ...
  10. hahahha is this some kind of a joke or serious shit? lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any ways whatever it is good luck with that ... nice post
  11. zabrdast informative thread ha or bayan karnay ka andaz bhi dilkush ha
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