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  1. my pardes membership expire on 14th february 2020? updates after that are available on file system ? i previously inquired on pardes thread but was not answered
  2. @Administrator my membership expires on september 01 2020. will be i getting updates like previous uploads. or ll be given files of next episodes
  3. this update brought kind of sadness. may be because central character is not willing to let go and mysery of sadaf continues
  4. @Administrator I have sent an email. my membership for pardes expired on 14th February. content after that is available on new episode system ? if yes then please tell the episode number from which i have to start
  5. @Administrator my membership for hawas and pardes is expired. i have sent in email to administrator@urdufunclub.online and another email mentioned by administrator. i want to ask what to do now ? new system active ? can i renew membership for new updates. or only wait is option. waiting for your response. Regards
  6. my membership for hawas is expired. i have get email for renewl with 5 dollar fee. is it 5 dolar or 10 dolar. plus administrator email ddress is changed? after payment for confirmation i have send email previously
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