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  1. Is this story finish here or available some where. Thanks
  2. Hello Admin , when i can buy episode 20 & onward kindly reply Thanks
  3. Hello Admin. , i have finished total 52 episode where as still novel continue , how can i buy the next episode & when i can read 53 & onward Thanks
  4. I’m unable to see paid picture stories last time I purchase SHARARAT ki SAZA , but I don’t see any more that page where I can pay Thanks
  5. I like to pay for Novel Kamran & Head mistress I tried 3 time to pay but its fail , what is coupon code , do I have it . I have already purchased 6 paid stories
  6. As I already purchased some stories & paid by PayPal how I cannot read & view the paid stories
  7. Waiting to read stories which already i have paid , but shows i cannot open
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