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  1. أپ کی بات میں وزن ہے لیکن وہ کیا کہتے ہیں کےچاۓ اور لڑکی گرم نہ ہو تو چس نہیں أتی
  2. Any one knows where is writer, ?????
  3. dear, absolutely amazing update, rajjo ko jaldi se nouman k kamray tak phnchao aur adhora scene mukammal kero,
  4. Dear,writer, your reders are waiting for update,
  5. @F khan Dear,Waiting for next hot, spicy and bold update
  6. @F khan V v v hot and thrilling update, but in complete. Any ways keep it updated regularly and finish it according to the theme of the story.
  7. very hot and thrilling update,
  8. Awesome, relentlessly waiting for next update
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